Spiced Brewed Coffee

This is heaven in a cup. Like having chai in your coffee. Which is doable at Starbucks by the way! But isn’t anything and everything possible there?!

First of all I am in love with my coffee machine! It grinds and brews in the same basket and is so easy to clean! Water goes in on the right, Whole Bean coffee (thats the best part) goes in on the left. The whole top left part comes off and goes into the dishwasher! Which can be taken off even before all the coffee is gone! Which is nice now that you have energy from your coffee!

This is so easy.  When you put your beans or grounds into the brew basket you can add spices!

8  cups water
4-5 scoops of coffee or whatever you coffee maker calls for (most manuals say how much water to how much grounds/beans)
1 – 1,1/2  tsp ground cinnamon
3  whole cloves and a dash of ground cloves (or you could just throw in another clove if you love it extra spicy)

For 8 cups of coffee (you can see the water line is at 8) I put 1 tsp of Cinnamon, a dash of ground clove and 3 whole cloves into the basket on top of the beans. You can mix these ingredients with your grounds in a separate bowl before putting it into the basket. But since my machine grinds the beans for me it also mix all the ingredients too! d that to be a bit much)

2 spoonfuls (unpacked) brown sugar and Milk

I put a half cup of milk in a mug and stirred in the brown sugar and microwaved it for about 20 seconds to dissolve the sugar. This brown sugar and milk combination is so amazing. Feel free to taste it at this point before even adding the coffee. You will not be disappointing! This would also be really really good with soy milk or almond milk!!

When the coffee is done brewing pour it into your brown sugar milk mixture and ENJOY! You can add more cinnamon or milk at this point if you feel it needs it. Though don’t add to much or you’ll have sludge in your cup! If you feel it needs more just add more spices to the basket before brewing next time!!

For your second cup put another spoonful of brown sugar in your mug and pour in the coffee and don’t forget your milk!

You will notice that the spices get stronger as the coffee sits, just like the coffee gets stronger as it get older. So if you first mug just tastes like coffee maybe you didn’t let your coffee finish its brewing! The fastest way to ruin a pot of coffee is to get impatient and take some brew early. A pot of coffee only tastes good when it is a whole pot!


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