Not Tired

And I wonder why it takes me some long to finish my homework. It would help if I could see it!


Finished one knit project. Started two more. That’s 5 knit projects started at the moment. I like to jump around. I have a red caplet started, an owl laptop case, a snood, and two pair of leggings for my little niece ballerinas. And black yarn for my own leggings, just waiting for needles to be empty. Plus midterms this week. But I’m not studying, no, of course not. Just pulled clothes out of my closet that I haven’t worn for a few years, which made my sewing pile triple in size, and reorganized my jewelry and makeup. Insomnia does wonders for the house!! Even if my brain is frying! 9am? Already? I should at least attempt a nap. . .  . . .  after I load the dishwasher. . . . .


One thought on “Not Tired

  1. I totally do the same thing, sounds exactly like me…its a combination of procrastination on the not wanting to do homework part and then having a hundred projects going on. And then the “I can’t do that unless I do this first.” I have this crazy order of the way things MUST go down or I go a little nutty. It seems I’m the only one who understands this in my house, lol, must be the crafty brain…

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