Edible Pumpkin Cookie Dough (no-bake)

I just made this. . http://baskersfunfoods.blogspot.com/2009/05/cookie-dough-for-preggies.html But I added pumpkin and spice!!! OMG It is A-mazing!!!

Edible Pumpkin Cookie Dough
Mix: 3/4 cup brown sugar
        1/4 cup butter, softened
Add: 1/4 tsp. vanilla
        1/4 cup milk
Then: 1 cup flour
         Dash salt
         1/4-1/2 cup chocolate chips
         4-5 Tbs Pumpkin (canned or other)
         1/4-1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
Stash in the fridge (what little is left from you tasting to perfect combination)!


That is a Life Changer

I have gone Pintrest crazy. I know your thinking, “Seriously?” But Yes! It has changed my life. Really it has. No longer is my hardrive full of saved pictures and documents. Now Pintrest holds all my organizing ideas, crafty ideas, cleaning tips, recipes and of course David Tennant and Jensen Ackles!! Why is this a good thing? Well, not only is my computer faster and free of folders within folders within folders, within folders, but I am SO organized in my crafty-ness that I am actually doing them. Yeah, Me! Completing things! Imagine that! So I would like to share with you the awesomeness of Pintrest!

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First of all, Food and Beverage!!
Coffee: Cold Brew works,Syrups, and Coffee Ice Cubes are the bomb!!!
Bananas: Banana Splits, Skinny Monkeys (always in my freezer) and Banana Ice Cream, in different flavours!
Banana Ice Cream in a Pickle Jar! It makes me giggle!!

Cakes and Cookies: Autumn Brittle, Molasses Cookies, Freezer Cookie Dough, Energy Bites (always in my fridge), Cake Box Ideas!
http://thefrugalgirls.com/2010/01/10-rockin-recipes-for-2010-6-fluff-berry-cake-recipe.html My mom uses a can of crushed pineapple for a box of angel food cake! I like a can of pumpkin to either a spice cake box or a chocolate cake box!! There are so many different combinations!!

And for my crafty finds!
Chalkboard Paint:
http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/2011/10/iheart-chalkboard-labels-and-giveaway.html I bought ‘return address’ sticker labels and spray painted them to use as labels for my pantry. Which works great, but there are very ‘one use’ since these containers go through the dishwasher a lot. So I next time I’m going to tape off a square with painters tape and spray paint directly onto the container, so it can go through the dishwasher!
Closet Shelf Baskets! I have been searching for two years for baskets the right width and depth for my closet shelves and have found nothing the right size that is also not ugly! haha Little did I know that this whole time I had just the right size in my house all along. A big box of wipes becomes a the perfect closet companion for my belts and knitted scarves!!

Pins I still have to get to: Tshirt Quilt, Circle Skirt, Maxi Dress, homemade Little Debbie and homemade Oreos!! There are so many knitting and sewing patterns and tips that those will have to wait for another post!

Loretta Young


Happy Birthday Loretta Young!

The Unguarded Hour   movie quote:

Lady Helen Dudley Dearden : Everything I do and say … sounds so…

Sir Alan Dearden : So infinitely like you… How do you think I came to worship you? Because you’re so pretty? Because you ride a horse well and play good bridge? No, darling! Because you’re sprinkled with stardust! You have whats called quality! Its an innate kindness that makes all the rest of us a little shotty!

Candy Cane Christmas Wrapping

This is really easy to do. It only adds a few minutes to your wrapping time. And the result. . .  people will be chattering more about the wrapping then what is actually in the box. Want to be remembered for your amazing Christmas wrapping? Need beautiful presents under that tree?

Try these easy ideas!

First decide on a theme. As you can see I went with a candy cane look this year. After I stumbled apon this beautiful red and white paper!! But you can acheive this same look with red paper and white ribbon or red ribbon and white paper! Tie on a candy cane and voila!

Another easy thing to do is to print out letters instead of name tags. Although with four ‘B’s and three ‘J’s it was a little confusing for everyone else. But none of the shapes were similar so I didn’t get them mixed up. You can write their name in small letters on the bottom or back if you’re afraid you’ll get them mixed up. I printed out the letters then cut them out and glued them to the present, using a glue stick.

All you gifts are going to match in theme. So try and make each one look as different as possible. I used two different red ribbons a think one and a fringe and three different white ribbons, a sheer, a thick one and a small curling one. I held the ribbon between my thumb and the open edge of the scissors. When you move the scissor edge across the ribbon it causes it to curl.

You can also use already made bows, those fuzzy pipe cleaners, feathers, glitter or paint pens to achieve the desired look for your presents. I try to stick to one theme. I love the monochromatic look and everyone knows who the gifts are from on Christmas morning!

One year I wrapped small kids soccer balls like a snowman! Whatever you decide to do. Be Proud to show it off!