My First Knit

I found three different cable knit scarf patterns on the internet to get an idea as to what I wanted to knit, but I ended up writing my own by combining different parts of those patterns. And this is what I ended up with. Size 9 needles, Worsted yarn, 30 sts wide. A raised band on either side of the cable. I knit this one for my mother and added some beading for detailing. Not bad for my first knit, eh?

I’m starting on a second scarf in a bright coral for me now! Same pattern but I altered it slightly! I’ll post the revised pattern when I finish this next scarf. Anyhue, here is the pattern for the scarf pictured.







Cast on 30 sts, K 6 rows
*[Wrong side: K6 P3 K3  P6  K3 P3 K6
Right side:  K6 K3 P3  K6  P3 K3 K6]  *4X Then cable
Wrong side: K6 P3 K3  P6  K3 P3 K6
Right side:   K6 K3 P3  (FrontCable3) K3 (K3 on the Front Cable) P3 K3 K6
To finish scarf: K6 rows, Bind off